Top 10 Interior Design Blogs

Posted on July 22, 2012 by Katherine Stott

Top 10 Interior Design Blogs
We found some delightful inspiration for anyone looking to spruce up their interiors. Padstyle recently released a number of their favourite design and furniture blogs, detailing a full 30 exceptional blogs worth checking out. We trimmed down the list and compressed it into our top 10 interior design blogs that we are particularly enthused by.

1. Moco Loco

As the sound of its name suggests, the Moco Loco blog has flair for anything modern; from architecture to furniture to beautiful, little accessories. A number of authors contribute to the blog that strives to offer the latest news and viewpoints, as well as services and products relating to modern interiors.

2. Apartment Therapy

Apartment Therapy covers trends in all areas across the length and breadth of America, from New York to San Francisco. Their tagline is “saving the world, one room at a time,” and we think that’s a great approach towards interior design; taking it one room at a time. What makes this blog stand out from the rest is the manner in which all posts are beautifully emphasized with imagery that truly reflects what each article is about. The blog also houses a rich community of fellow design enthusiasts who’re always interacting on the site, asking questions and discussing ideas.

3. InHabitat

InHabitat is not just a clever name, but also an aptly named blog that encompasses the latest trends in sustainable living. Jill Fehrenbacher founded the website in order to highlight environmentally friendly trends within the design, architecture and interior design realms. Readers can expect tips, recommendations and insightful information on anything related to green design.

4. Decor8

“Fresh finds for hip spaces” is what you’ll find on Decor8; a creative space for anyone looking for a little inspiration. The blog’s founder, Holly Becker, travels between Germany and the US, picking up little bits of creative and artistic energy as she goes. She’ll post stories on design trade shows, interiors or anything inspiring. She often reveals artists and designers who are not quite on the map yet, but show great potential to be so.

5. Dezeen

If you’re looking for architectural or interior design related news, Dezeen is the blog to consult. A strong team work at pulling all the articles together; scouring the web for the latest news, reviews, trends, products, hot topics and anything else of relevance to their genre. You can expect a plethora of fresh, lively and insightful blog posts from professional writers who are intriguing vast numbers of readers on a daily basis.

6. Design Spotter

The name pretty much speaks for itself and lends itself to images of top of the minute ideas, products and accessories that have been identified and reported on. Design Spotter is a blog here for exactly that reason; to bring readers all the latest in interior design and design related paraphernalia, inspiration and artistic creations, from the platform of a neat, cleverly laid-out website.

7. Desire to Inspire

Desire to Inspire is more of a visual feast of beautiful ideas, design concepts and proof of interior design tactics that work. Find endless inspiration in the reams of photographic delight that have no doubt appeared on many a Pinterest board. This blog certainly lives up to its name and it does so in such effortless style.

8. Freshome

Freshome is a blog that invigorates through providing inventive ideas to readers who want to beautify their homes and turn them into spaces of tranquility. Fresh space invigorates the senses and the mind, freeing you to explore the innate possibilities of every moment. Freshome offer the tools to do that and have influenced a great number of people through their collection of articles.

9. Trendir

“Where the new products are” – that more or less sums it up. Trendir is a blog offering up-to-the-minute posts on the latest products relating to the world of home decor. Not only does it cover interiors, gadgets and must-haves for every home, but it also shines light on exteriors, home entertainment, outdoors as well as green design. The blog showcases a comprehensive collection for anyone who fancies the luxury end of design.

10. GrassrootsModern

GrassrootsModern is a blog with a difference. It exhibits all the latest must-have modern items, but it’s aimed at a market looking for high-end design at an affordable price. Style usually comes at a cost, but with GrassrootsModern, readers are treated to the cream of the crop at the fat-free rate. A small note on their About Us page encapsulates what they’re trying to do in one simple sentence: “We hope to be able to connect passionate designers with the masses and become a catalyst for change in the modern contemporary world.”

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